River Fox Red Fire of Texmo "Moltas" (SE) X Absolut First Ida Garonera "Iddy" (CZ)

Moltas and Iddy

River Fox Red Fire of Texmo * 19.1.2013


Pedigree, K9, Rasdata.nu

SIRE: LP1 LP2 LP3 SE UCH SE VCH Hummelviksgardens Golden Texas (SE), K9

DAM: Lönnlövets Nässla (SE), K9

HEALTH: DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, prcd-PRA status: clear by parents (CBP), CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status: CBP, Degenerative encephalopathy status: clear, Degenerative myelopathy: clear, full dentition, eye diseases 2016 normal.

SHOWS: Exc junkl 1 junkk

TESTS: Mental test, retriever test, 1 nbkl tollingprov, 2x 1 ökl tollingprov, qualified to the elite class.

ABOUT MOLTAS: Moltas is a lovely family dog but also a good huntingdog. We practise as often as we can. Moltas is a calm dog whit a good nose. He is independent but still willing to please. Often our biggest challenge is to put more energy into work. He is not a dog that runs away forgetting what to do, more a dog that likes to do what we ask him to do but in his own pace.

Absolut First Ida Garonera

Absolut First Ida Garonera * 20.1.2014

Pedigree, K9, Rasdata.nu

SIRE: INTCH(u) DKCH SEU(u)CH NUCH NORDUCH DEVDHCH CZCH SEJV-12 Bundessieger15 Alpensieger16 Redborn First Edition TJB(DK) KTH-B (DK), K9

DAM: CZGCH C.I.B C.I.E CZCH ATCH DECH Erikachen Roisin (UK), K9

HEALTH: HD 0/0, ED 0/0, patella luxation negativ, prcd-PRA status: clear by parents (CBP), CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status: CBP, Cleft Palate status: CBP, Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: CBP, Juvenile Addison's Disease status: CBP, Degenerative encephalopathy status: CBP, Degenerative myelopathy: carrier, full dentition, eye diseases 2017 normal.

SHOWS: Excellent 1, winner of the open class, CAC, national winner, BOS, champion expectant

HUNTING EXAMS: basic hunting test in 6. months 222 points, second basic hunting test III. price, autumn exam (field) 1.st price CACT, special water exam 1.st price CACT, forest exam 1.st price CACT, tollingjaktprove Sweden 1.st price and choice of judge, champion expectant.

WORKING TESTS: Class E - excellent, choice of judge, Class L - very good

AGILITY: LA2 category

PRACTICE WORK: 2015 - OTICE pheasantry, 2016 - OTICE pheasantry, KONOPIŠTĚ pheasantry, 2017 - KONOPIŠTĚ pheasantry

WORK SAMPLES: Agility LA2 exam. Work on a pheasant hunt in Konopiště. Steadiness before the gamebird, Konopiště hunt- flying pheasants.

ABOUT IDA: First of all, Ida is a WORKAHOLIC. If she had to choose between work and show, she clearly would choose work, no matter which one. She is very clever and active female and wants to be still in action. She enjoys any activity but exactly knows the difference between work and game. For example agility is big fun and entertainment for her but exams and practice work are very serious matters, both these activities she is doing very conscientiously. She is able to focus very well since her youth and it is very easy to handle her even in contact with live animals. When works she is absolutely silent, all steadiness disciplines on all her tests she always passed with a highest mark number 4. If I had to rate her "will to please" so it's for 100 points. Ida hardly bears if she doesn't meet my needs, she is always trying to please me and fulfill all my wishes. She is very tolerant to our other dogs and accepted her newcomer role in the dogs pack and is not trying to change it. She is not dominant. When works she ignores other dogs and requires the same of them. She does not compete with other dogs on the hunt when they meet next shoot birdgame, she always leave it to another dog an do not pick a quarrel. Ida has a great relationship to the whole family and she is highly dependent on human society and likes to cuddle. She is submissive and poorly bears when someone is angry at her. She loves our two children and is very "talkative" to everyone at home. She is distrustful of some strangers and picking her friends by herself.


Akim z Váhy     Alan z Váhy     Albert z Váhy     Argo z Váhy     Art z Váhy
Akim z Váhy                  Alan z Váhy                  Albert z Váhy                  Argo z Váhy                  Art z Váhy

Amálka z Váhy     Armína z Váhy
Amálka z Váhy              Armína z Váhy

13.10.2017 And today's last puppy, Albert, left. At home only our Armína stayed, at least we will not be sad and not be sad mum Iddy and even Lucky and Niky, Armína will surely take care of them ;-). So my baby's beautiful life and maybe we'll see again!

8.10.2017 Today, Alan has gone, it's a sad goodbye, but on the other hand, puppies are really in need of their new owners.

7.10.2017 Amálka and Akim went away, and we starting to be sad. But all of the puppies have found the right and loving owners. Good luck my red hearts!

6.10.2017 It has run like water and today puppies have begun to enter new homes. Today the yellow boy Argo and the brown boy Art went off. I wish them beautiful long and full dog life, loving owners have already. So let them all kiss them all together. Last weighing:
red girl, 4800g
blue boy, 5300g
black boy, 5200g
brown boy, 4900g
yellow boy, 5000g
green boy, 4900g
pink girl, 4600g

4.10.2017 We are enjoying our last moments. Play with mom. Morning comfort.

29.9.2017 Seven weeks. Our common time is slowly ending. I'm a little bit sad about it, but on the other hand, what I had the chance to know personally, the puppies will be in great hands. On Tuesday puppies were vaccinated and chipped. We have very brave children, nobody wept (brown boy a little bit). Amálka and Armína were DNA tested for degenerative myelopathy, I have other breeding intentions with them, and this is important for me. We're waiting for results. On Thursday, exactly on the 49th day of life, puppies were tested according to Voldhard's Puppy Personality Test. An unknown person needs to test and so I invited our agility coach Monica Svatošová. All puppies have a very friendly relationship to people and fearless nature, without any reaction to unknown or noisy things. Just great future workers. Five puppies were placed in ideal group 3 - 4, which is very suitable for hunting or other work. Then we have two hyperactive dogs who will be great dogs for some action sports. But everyone is a pet, so we have been suspicious for a long time ;-). We also take trips by car and into the woods and enjoy our last few moments.
red girl, 4300g
blue boy, 4700g
black boy, 4400g
brown boy, 4400g
yellow boy, 4400g
green boy, 4100g
pink girl, 4100g

25.9.2017 Puppies will be here for only 14 days. They know a lot of new things. Yesterday they met the goose. Although only dummy, but they liked it very much. Today everyone had breakfast chicken wings. They enjoyed it. Only the red girl thought very much, but eventually she also had breakfast. The green boy also wondered but eventually fell asleep. In the afternoon they travel by car for a trip. To be pleasant, it was in the woods. Puppies were excited, they liked the woods for an hour, and they were worthy until the evening, In the forest .

22.9.2017 Puppies are six weeks old. They are growing fast and their demands on space and food are increasing. They do not like the fence anymore because they know that there is more fun outside. Outdoors in the garden they like so much, my garden likes less. Their destructive activity is increasing. Soon we will go on a first car trip, next week and go to the forest. Puppies were treated against worms for the third time.
red girl, 3200g
blue boy, 3400g
black boy, 3400g
brown boy, 3400g
yellow boy, 3400g
green boy, 3200g
pink girl, 3000g

20.9.2017 It is interesting how many puppies we have at home. When they are locked behind the fence, they are normally seven, as soon as they leave the box, their number is multiplied by five: -D. An interesting fact ... Each member of the household has at least five dogs at the heel immediately, redheaded ants go around the flat and destroy everything that comes to their way. All puppies are very lively and enterprising, but they are different. From the trunk of the apache, the male is yellow and brown. These two experts learned at night to be completely silent from the box and then harm the house everywhere. When their mom did not go to breastfeeding for a long time, they went up to our bedroom. Their clear pleasure from the successful mission was very contagious. Blue boy likes eat, everything and all the time, he's a predator, a black boy walks away from his siblings to keep them calm, it's cool, the green guy is a sweetheart and a mild creature, the red girl watches it all wisely from a distance and twists with the head, the pink girl lives nonstop no steps, only fly, and her tail is still on alert. We just do not bored at home. Our big dog have different approaches to puppies. Iddy still has a lot of babe and she is unhappy when she can not reach them whenever she wants to. He could not, we had to raise the fence, because of two unnamed boys. He plays with them in the ways described below. Labrador Lucky moves between puppies like in high nettles. She wants peace only. Cavalier Niky VERY surprised us. Puppies literally loves !!! She would still be playing with them, letting them take their beautiful long ears and let them all like it. For my children, I have introduced very severe punishments for angry and bad stamps. Who has been angry or had bad results from the school, is going to sit for half an hour in the puppies box :-).

16.9.2017 Five weeks!! Iddy starts playing with them. Sometimes these are rough games and sometimes tender. Their teeth grew stronger, so they train with siblings, bones and granules. We often have visits and puppies too. We weighed them on a different weight, the data will be inaccurate, but the weight was taken by everyone.
red girl, 2700g
blue boy, 3100g
black boy, 2600g
brown boy, 2700g
yellow boy, 3100g
green boy, 2600g
pink girl, 2600g

10.9.2017 Puppies outside: Video, 4 weeks.

8.9.2017 Four weeks old. Puppies were treated for the second time against worms and checked their teeth. Everyone has beautiful teeth, no anomalies. They are enthusiastic about receiving visits. They already have their range outside. Today, granules were soaked for dinner. No great enthusiasm ;-)
red girl, 1920g
blue boy, 2127g
black boy, 1866g
brown boy, 1997g
yellow boy, 2024g
green boy, 1966g
pink girl, 1736g

5.9.2017 Puppies are growing fast. If the weather is nice, they go out, they are very tired. Play time is prolonged and sleep time shortens. Eats curd, minced meat with pasta or rice. We're slowly going to wet granules. Since the weekend puppies have been visited. We have two boys avialale. We are looking for active people for them.

1.9.2017 Three weeks today. Puppies grow teeth. They have a new range and today they eat the first real meal. Cottage cheese. Puppies were the first time outside and for the first time to play plush pets. And they grow:
red girl, 1405g
blue boy, 1519g
black boy, 1313g
brown boy, 1416g
yellow boy, 1420g
green boy, 1334g
pink girl, 1249g

29.8.2017 There is a lot of news today. The puppies are sitting, walking, groaning, barking, playing together and with us and hearing a little. So we have to go very quiet around them. A yellow boy and a pink girl were on a trip out of the box. (Not allowed). Iddy unfortunately has mastitis. She is treated by a great veterinarian MVDr. Láznička. He is an expert on dog reproduction. Iddy feels better. Yesterday she was on the first short walk. Iddy is breastfeeding even though it hurts a lot. Puppies already have names and registration. I am honored to introduce you to:
Armína z Váhy, red girl, ČLP/NSR/1151
Alan z Váhy, blue boy, ČLP/NSR/1146
Albert z Váhy, black boy, ČLP/NSR/1149
Art z Váhy, brown boy, ČLP/NSR/1147
Argo z Váhy, yellow boy, ČLP/NSR/1145
Akim z Váhy, green boy, ČLP/NSR/1148
Amálka z Váhy, pink girl, ČLP/NSR/1150

25.8.2017 Puppies are now two weeks old. We have a lot of news. Puppies begin to see and begin to play together. Today they were first wormed. They did not like it very much. We cut their claws. Iddy had a wounded her belly. They grow like grass.
red lady, 1009g
blue boy, 1063g
black boy, 1018g
brown boy, 1009g
yellow boy, 1065g
green boy, 996g
pink lady, 943g

21.8.2017 Puppies opened their eyes for the first time on Sunday. They started walking quite well. Iddy leaves them at times for a while. Blue boy is a great explorer and has already tasted the first granule, he was faster than me.

18.8.2017 Puppies are 1 week old today. They are healthy and grow very fast. Iddy is eating well and puppies too.
red lady, 654g
blue boy, 695g
black boy, 629g
brown boy, 647g
yellow boy, 719g
green boy, 652g
pink lady, 604g

16.8.2017 Puppies are growing very fast. Every day they take about 40g. Some already know they have tails and do not hesitate to use them when feeding. The length of sleep is longer, puppies will last longer without feeding, so Iddy is going to cool for a while on the tile when she's hot. Both females and one male are booked. The four males are available.

11.8.2017 WE HAVE PUPPIES!!! Iddy was born seven puppies today. They are beautiful and healthy. It's five boys and two girls. The original number was nine, but two puppies unfortunately did not survive childbirth. It was going well, it was just too long. Iddy is a great mum, she looks after puppies and cares a lot about them. And how were they born?:
7:17, red lady, 385g
7:50, blue boy, 342g
10:06, black boy, 334g
10:22, brown boy, 330g
11:41, yellow boy, 340g
13:33, green boy, 339g
19:21, pink lady, 333g

8.8.2017 61st day of pregnancy. We expect birth every moment. A great news came from Sweden, Moltas won the 1st prize and the HP (Award for the best dog). He won the first prize for the second time and qualified for the ELITE class. Congratulations !!

1.8.2017 Birth of puppies is approaching. Iddy's belly moves like it's full of small snakes. Milk is started. We are also ready. Iddy got a birth crate. Ignore it.

11.7.2017 Iddy is in the middle of pregnancy today and her belly is growing.

4.7.2017 Iddy is 25th. day pregnant! Our vet found seven puppies, their size is 1cm right now :-).

10.6.2017 Second mating in Sweden. It was very quick. I could not even take off my backpack. :-).

8.6.2017 First mating in Sweden. Iddy tryed Moltas condition, playing with him, chasing and trying to find out what the boy was up to. Moltas had very good cindition to and Iddy finally recognized him as a suitable father for their puppies. The mating was absolutely natural and trouble-free

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